Patent application

In order to obtain a patent you need to file a patent application. In Norway this is done through The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (Patentstyret), and they are the authority that approves the application. When the Patentstyret receives the patent application, they will evaluate if the application fulfills the patentability requirements.

The invention must be new, inventive and industrial applicable.


20 years protection

A granted patent can be maintained for up to 20 years provided you pay annual fees.

Processing the patent application?

In order for an invention to be new, the invention must not be known before you file. It does not matter how, by whom or where it has been disclosed before.

Inventive step is meant that the invention must differ significantly from what is already known. In order to be patentable, an invention must be industrially applicable. An invention is considered industrially applicable if it can be produced or utilized in any kind of industry.

After the Patentstyret has assessed the above criteria you will receive a written opinion of patentability. The examiner will inform you whether your invention can be regarded as new, inventive and industrial applicable. You will also be informed of any deficiencies or errors in the patent application. Since the Patentstyrets evaluations are subjective, there is usually room for discussion regarding your application.

Close cooperation with the inventor(s)

If someone in your company has come up with a new technical solution, a design or a method/procedure that solves a problem, you may have an invention.

The invention may comprise an improved chemical process, a vehicle powertrain, a new form of switchgear or any other type of newly developed technicality that is better, cheaper, safer or faster than previous known technical solutions.

We will in close cooperation with the inventor or the group he or she works in, define and specify the invention together with the inventor or inventor group and thereafter develop a patent application.

Patent application – a legal document

A patent application shall describe the principles behind the invention and shall describe in such a way that others understand what you have invented and are able to reconstruct the idea.

A patent application is a legal document and requires specialist skills to draft properly. The application may be very difficult to read and interpret. Patent law is quite complex and requires considerable knowledge, skills and experience to execute. Your chances of obtaining a useful patent are much greater if you use a patent attorney.