A part of the companies IP-strategy

Monitoring is a building block in a companies IP-strategy and comprises a foundation in proactive control of its rights.

A monitoring may disclose information related to changes of legal status. It may also be of interest to perform a mapping of others rights to find out if you have Freedom to Operate (FTO). This is important prior to initiating development projects or launching newly developed products.

If it turns out that you are promoting a product where others possess a patent, design or trademark related to this product it can be quite costly if this action turns into litigation.

Reporting with staged intervals

Surveillance is important to ensure that you are operating legitimate and do not risk a potential infringement case against a competitor leading to a costly and damaging aftermath.

Fluges patent can establish an overview of the situation to establish basic information upon who the major players are within a technical field and their innovation activity within a geographical area. Following this, the reporting may commence, with reports submitted in pre-agreed staged intervals.

The reports may contain information that forms the basis for adjusting the surveillance and the customer decides upon the necessary intervals. Such reports often qualify for actions and the timing may be of essence.

Monitoring technology and development

  • come across new applications
  • come across competitors
  • maintain Freedom to Operate (FTO)
  • technology update
  • picture of the patent landscape
  • geographical limitations

Monitoring competitors

  • to keep an eye on the competition
  • to find out if they are moving into new areas
  • to find new business opportunities
  • identify collaborative connections between companies
  • to analyse trends and latest developments

Monitoring spesific applications

  • to prepare for filing of oppositions
  • to prepare for third party observations