According to IPR-legislation a licensor may offer a licensee a permit to utilize his IPR for commercial exploitation with regards to a product or a service that is supplied from the licensor. License agreements may be used by all types of commerce, large or small enterprises, to make a profit on their IPR portfolio.

There are different ways to draft a license agreement, all depending upon the rights that are to be licensed or the scope of the right of use for the licensee. We may assist with the drafting and the compilation of license agreements dealing with technology, trademarks, design and intellectual property rights. In close cooperation with you, we will come up with the most appropriate and effective license agreement that will match your companies long term goals and needs.

Advantages with license agreements for you with an IPR asset:

  • A license agreement may generate income from IPR that you chose not to utilize or exploit.
  • A license agreement may offer you a possibility to reduce your investments and risk. As an example related to the development of a product or entering into a new market.
  • A license agreement may open up a new market, territory or know-how.
  • A license agreement may offer you complementary rights through a cross-licensing agrement.
  • Entering a license agreement with a limited number of competitors may offer a controlled and effective distribution or introduction of new technology. This is usually not interpreted as being negative or seen as a monopoly situation from your customers.