At Fluges patent you get the advice that really counts – when you need to protect an invention, a design or a trademark.
You do not have to think about how and why, because we can tell you which solutions that will safeguard that no one else takes off with your source of income.

Do you need help to safeguard a smart idea?
We can offer a half an hour free consultation where you can present our product and solution.

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Fluges patent has the right to file EP patent applications with the European Patent Office, to act as representative before the Examining Division and the Appeal Division, and to pay fees and annuities.

We also have experience from Oral Proceedings in the Examining Division. We draft applications in the European style with problem-solution approach, and claims adapted to the EP Implementing Regulations, all for streamlining European prosecution.

See you at “Grundermessen” in Oslo on November 15th.

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A patent is an exclusive right to use an invention, and to stop others from importing, exporting, manufacturing, using and/or selling your invention in Norway.

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If your company has designed a product having a distinct and characteristic design you may upon application receive the exclusive rights to commercially exploit the product.

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A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises.

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Do you have anything new going on within the field of patents, design or trademarks? A novelty or prior art search may give you vital information that can be decisive for your future plans.

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Other parties may have gained patent rights that can hinder your leeway with respect to manufacturing, marketing or operations – i.e. your Freedom to Operate.

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We can monitor patent, design and trademarks in the markets where you operate.

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When you have discovered something that is so out of this world that you want to tell everybody about it… – that is when you should keep quiet.

Talking about an idea before owning it is like disclosing your PIN code to a stranger

If you have mentioned it to someone, you have told it to everyone. Even if it is only to your best friend, your wife or a potential investor, you need to have them sign a confidentiality agreement. If you don’t, your idea is not only yours anymore and you may risk not being able to obtain a patent.

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