Fluges patent is a small and effective patent office, with in depth experience dealing with
intellectual property rights (IPR) . We will always give undivided loyalty to each
individual client, and will help you through the maze of laws, forms and applications.

Our ethical guidelines:

Our relationship is based upon trust – we maintain client confidentiality.
We do not represent clients that have competing technology.

Our staff


Karianne Torp Andersen

Partner and CEO

Primary areas: Submittal and follow-up of patent and design applications, surveillance including annual fees and administrative office management. Languages: Norwegian and English.
P: +47 69 30 48 85 / +47 905 44 458


Per Roald Fluge

Partner and European Patent Attorney

Primary areas: Petroleum and geophysics, geology, marine technology and aquaculture. FTO analysis. Languages: Norwegian, English, French and German
P: +47 69 30 48 83 / +47 928 35 754


Turid Gjellestad Johansen

Patent Engineer

M.Sc. NTH, Chemistry
Primary areas: Chemistry, process and production, equipment and analysis, pulp & paper. Languages: Norwegian, English and German.
P: +47 69 30 48 86 / +47 404 00 439


Per Sollie

Patent Engineer

M.Sc. NTH, Mechanical/Marine Machinery
Primary areas: Mechanical and marine engineering, LNG, process-, energy and civil engineering. Languages: Norwegian and English.
P: +47 69 30 48 82 / +47 902 15 727


Erik Otby

International Officer

Legal professional, Master of Laws, University of Uppsala Primary areas: Responsible for coordinating patent and design applications. FTO analysis and license agreements. Languages: Norwegian, English and Swedish.
P: +47 69 30 48 84 / +47 483 54 725


Lise-Mette Riis

IP Administrator

Primary areas: Administrative procedures related to patent, design and trademark applications , surveilance of applications, management and budgeting of client portfolios. Languages: Norwegian and English.
P: +47 69 30 48 87 / +47 926 16 299

Advise to take vice decisions

Based on our knowledge and vast experience, we will give you our best advice with respect to securing your intellectual property rights in different markets. This will of course be done in close cooperation together with you.


Free first consultation

We can offer a half an hour free consultation where you can present our product and solution, and we can tell a little about us and what we can offer you. You may chose if you wish further help or advise afterwards. Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and we do not disclose any information about our clients or former clients to anyone.

Here you´ll find us!

Do you like to visit us? Then you are warmly welcome. You will find us in Fredrikstad Innovasjonspark, not far from idyllic Gamlebyen and Vaterland. Follow Heibergsgate until the road turns to left, and your´re there.

Øra Industripark, Øraveien 2, Fredrikstad, Norway

Postboks 27, 1629 Gamle Fredrikstad, Norway


+47 69 30 48 80